Importance of Cloud in Media & Entertainment Industry

The market dynamics of Media and Entertainment Industry is changing considerably. There has been a big shift in consumption and delivery model of the content. The Internet has transformed into a viable and highly desirable content distribution infrastructure.Digital transformation has become a norm in the industry as end-users switch to on-demand digital content across multiple devices.

Broadcasting is now become a global business and today it holds complex and expensive operations. The complexities of global team distribution, viewership fragmentation along with challenges of technological diversity among content channels restrain broadcasters to have cost effective functioning. Companies are forced to rethink on their revenue model, business delivery models to accommodate growing volumes of multi-format data, while ensuring cost efficiency, speed and security.

And Cloud is a Magic bullet for the M & E Industry in this digitally disruptive world. It enables global operation scaling, worldwide distribution and reduce infrastructural cost.

Broadcasting is a content centric business hence it become more critical to choose cloud architecture which provide security of the content along with the flexibility for accomplishing and managing different business processes. 

Cloud help broadcasters to gain strategic edge and manoeuver more nimbly as compare to the competitors who devote their energies to acquire and maintain IT services. 

Speed is the reality of the content today in the market. At the same time, the biggest pain point for the broadcaster to get content faster and at a low cost. With cloud, broadcasters can easily source and introduce new content at the shortest best time and it provides them quicker service delivery cycles by leveraging digital file and stream based workflow in the highly competitive landscape. 

Cloud enables a seamless flow of content across geographies, provide real time feedback, editing, discussions and review. Can move files of any size and volume over any distance at maximum speed. It gives global reach and can deliver video element within a second across the world.

Today multiple TV network and content owners are creating their own portals and apps to distribute content directly to the consumer. Cloud can seamlessly manage a comprehensive over – the -top (OTT) streaming video services, from content delivery to user’s experience.It is the only option that enable content owners and broadcasters to make their business ROI competitive. Cloud being a ‘pay as you use’ model, replacing fixed cost with variable cost, and so significantly reducing the technology investment uncertainty.

Conclusion: Cloud playing crucial role in helping Media and Entertainment Industry to keep pace with the disruptive and game-changing advances taking place all around them.Cloud has positively been a game changer in each facet of a business. More and more organisations are increasingly adopting cloud technology because of the benefits they receive which build an efficient business process.

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